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Reviews from 2019 Edition...

"This retreat was an amazing experience. Surpreet Adi Kaur is very knowledgeable and very kind teacher who leads you through your journey on finding a better self. The knowledge learned is transformational, and will last for years from now. Thank you Surpreet Adi Kaur for you hard work and dedication!" Maryana

"I would highly recommend this retreat to anyone who is on transformational journey and wants to connect deeper with their heart and their physical and emotional body. It helped me feel deep emotions that I didn`t even know I had...from the very first day. Thank you so much!" Kasia

"When I singed up for the Ten Bodies Retreat, I didn't exactly know what it was but that I would be practicing Kundalini every day, which if you haven't experienced it before is quite magical and transformational on its own. But beyond the Kundalini practice daily we were gifted with 2 facilitators who held a safe space for us to be ourselves and transform in any way we needed to. Along with that were some extra workshops that were tied in perfectly. I not only had time to reflect, but i broke through barriers in ways i didn't know i needed to. I went in with an open mind and came out with a heart full of joy and love. OH and now I have 12 new friends who I cant wait to cross paths with again!! I CANT wait to experience this again.. Thanks Surpreet and Jordan for creating the space for magic to happen!!! Sat Nam ! Wahe Guru!" Sonia

Reviews from 2018 Edition...

"I had such an incredible week with Julie and Antonia at the Ten Bodies retreat. What a family! The location was perfect with the most amazing view of the lake. The kundalini classes were truly transformative and the rest of the program was full of diverse activities, workshops and meditations. The food was delicious and it was truly nurturing environment. I left feeling vibrant and awake and would definitely sign up again. Thank you so much!"


"I don't think many people would attend retreats and not expect a lot from them, so the fact that my expectations were still exceeded in nearly every way is something truly worth bragging about. I can't recommend this retreat enough. Whether you're a seasoned yogi, a novice, or something entirely different, I believe the facilitators have a holistic program that can touch and move anyone who attends regardless of "where you're at" on your journey. Or to put it simply: My life has changed permanently, and for the better, as a result of attending this retreat."


"The Ten Bodies Retreat was an absolute bliss! The Golden Temple is lost in the wilderness, with a magnificent view  (the best you could dream of), at the Lake Atitlan and its surroundings volcanos. What a blessing to practice at this sacred place several times per day, do multiples activities, eat delicious local and nutritious meals, made with love from scratch. On top of it, the teachers are awesome, so knowledgable, always enthusiastic. It was my first Kundalini real experience and it's been quite life changing ! It was intense but truly wonderful in many aspects. I would totally go back !"